Maressa McKee, LMT
Reiki Master/Teacher


I have been trained and specialize in:


Deep Tissue

Myofascial Release


Trigger Point Therapy

Polarity Therapy


Crystal Therapy

Sports Massage - range of motion, stretching.

Tension headache/TMJ relief

Sciatic release

Herbal medicine

& more

I became attuned to Reiki Master in 2010 and Master/Teacher in 2012 and graduated from a 650 Hr holistic massage program in 2012 from SpaTech Institute in Plymouth. In 2013, I completed a 2 year herbal medicine apprenticeship with the Gaia School of Healing. Since then, I have consistently practiced and served hundreds of people providing skilled, ethical and compassionate bodywork. It's my honor and joy to offer this service and to earn your trust with each appointment.


Tues - 12-8

Wed - 3-8

Fri - 9-1

Sat - 9-1

Everett McKee, LMT
Cupping, CBD Topical Products


I have been trained and specialize in:

Deep Tissue

Trigger Point Therapy

Sports Massage


Sciatic Release

If you are looking for a nice relaxing massage to help shed you of every day stress, more firm work to help ease aches and pains, or a deep tissue session to really dig deep into sore, tight muscles, you've come to the right place. 


For the past 6 years I have been mindfully tending to each client with a session specifically catered to ease their aches and pains. Whether you need full body work or an area specific massage, I work with you before, during, and after each massage to ensure your needs are being met. 

I offer cupping as an add on of $10 to any length session. Cupping is a wonderful and effective way to bring even greater blood flow to areas of tension and pain.


Wed - 9-1

Thurs - 9-8

Fri - 3-8

Sat - 9-8

Sun - 9-8

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