Relax and Unwind Into Deeper States of Peace and Balance.

Let us show you how regular bodywork can help.

Bodywork, such as massage therapy and Reiki, is an excellent way to nourish the body and ‘unwind’ the nervous system.


The more unwound the nervous system is, the more we can embody emotional and physical wellness and balance throughout all of life’s ups and downs.


Our bodies are miraculous vessels that perform wondrous feats and hold space for life to be felt, experienced and expressed. We all have a blueprint of wellness - our bodies are self healing organisms - and both massage therapy and Reiki assist the body’s natural processes of healing and regeneration

Tue:  12-8pm
Wed: 3-8pm
Thur: 9-8pm
Fri:   9-8pm
Sat:  9-8pm
Sun: 9-8 pm
Available Treatments
  • Massage

  • Cupping

  • Reiki

  • CBD Treatments

  • Tarot/Intuitive Readings

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